Volunteer Positions and Committees

The Centennial High School bands are fueled by parent volunteers.  There are opportunities for everyone - all skills and time commitments.  If you don't see a good match, click on Contact Us Now below.  We will help you find the perfect volunteer opportunity.

  • Pit Crew

    Be part of the group that makes it all happen on game night and competitions. Assist in getting all equipment and props to the field. 

  • Fundraising Coordinator

    Oversee the various fundraising activities for the band. Appoint coordinators of each fundraiser to assist in execution. 

  • Chaperone

    The Coordinator has the oversight of recruiting chaperones for all of the off-campus band events - games, competitions, and trips. Ensuring the correct number is present and Tier 3 status. Chaperones will attend events to ensure all students are where they should be when they should be. 

  • Event Parking

    The band has been tasked with the oversight of event parking. In this role, you will be sure to have a designated person for each event and general oversight of the event. 

  • Recruitment Coordinator

    Key role to help with the recruitment of rising freshmen and others in the school who may be interested in joining the band. Includes promotion at various events and contact with feeder middle schools. 

  • Band Camp Coordinator

    Assist the band director with the schedule for band camp. Coordinate the check-in and form collection the first two days of camp. Coordinate with food parent and nurse to cover each day of camp. 

  • Photographer

    Have a good camera and love to take pictures? We need you. Each fall and spring individual student pictures are to be taken. Also, the ability to cover most events/games. 

  • Fair Parking

    The band is responsible for parking the cars during the Williamson County Fair in August. Specific details and sign-up information can be found here

  • Color Guard

    Opportunity for guard parents to assist the guard director with uniforms, performances, and events. 

  • First Aid

    Each event and game we need to have a nurse present to be sure the first aid kit is available for all students. 

  • Food Team

    The coordinator will work with the band director for events and games that require snacks, lunch, or dinner. Food team volunteers will work with the coordinator to prepare, serve, and manage snacks and meals for the band.   

  • Maintenance

    The on-call handyman (or woman) for the band. Coordinate with the band director as maintenance needs arise. Also, work with the Pit Crew leader on projects as needed. 

  • Uniform Team

    The coordinator will oversee the marching band uniform room and uniform fittings and attend events to assist with uniforms. Volunteers for the team will be needed to help students prepare their uniforms for each event. A team member will also need to attend events to oversee that the uniforms are fitting correctly and to assist as needed. 

  • Technical Coordinator

    Assist the communications secretary to oversee and manage the CHS Band website. Also, assist with any social media accounts and email accounts as needed.

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